Surgical Curriculum in Obstetrics and Gynecology


The CREOG Surgical Skills Task Force created this standardized surgical skills curriculum for use in training residents in obstetrics and gynecology. The five components of these modules include:

  • The objective, description, and assessment of the module
  • A description of the simulation
  • The description of the surgical procedure
  • A quiz which must be passed in order to proceed to evaluation by a faculty member
  • An evaluation form to be downloaded and printed by the learner



Read the objectives and content for the module. After successfully passing the assessment, print the evaluation form, which will be used by your faculty during the simulation lab or operative procedure. Once you have been evaluated, ask your faculty to sign the form and give it to your program director. Be sure to enter your faculty's name in the module.


Each module contains a description of the simulation needed for the resident's evaluation. Once the resident completes the simulation, sign the evaluation form and instruct the resident to submit it to the program director.

Program Directors

The resident's score will be calculated when the resident completes the assessment. The faculty evaluator's name will also be collected during the assessment. After verifying that all requirements have been met, enter the evaluation form into the resident's records.