Congressional Leadership Conference, the President's Conference

Strength in Numbers: 40 Years of Ob-Gyn Action

Virtual Meeting | Mar 27-29, 2022

CLC Digital Tool Kit

We are living (and advocating) in a virtual world, so let’s get loud on social media! Use the below sample posts and graphics—or draft your own—to let your network know why you’re attending #CLC2022!

Tips and Tricks to Get Started

  • Follow ACOG’s social media platforms throughout the day to see and share updates from the Conference!
  • Make sure to use the Conference’s official hashtag in your posts: #CLC2022. Don’t forget to tag us @ACOGAction as well!
  • Add photos! While we can’t be on Capitol Hill together in our white coats, we can still document our day! Add photos of your virtual advocacy to make your posts stand out more. These can be screenshots of your virtual Hill meetings, photos of you in ACOG advocacy gear, selfies of you holding up a sign sharing why you advocate, or just use our graphics. Feel free to get creative!

Sample Posts


Sample Post 1: I’m so excited to join @ACOGAction for #CLC2022 and to advocate virtually for my patients and my specialty!

Sample Post 2: I’m an ob-gyn and I’m taking #ObGynAction at #CLC2022 because [insert your reason here!]

Sample Post 3: I’m at @ACOGAction #CLC2022 and I am ready to take #ObGynAction on behalf of my patients and my colleagues! [add selfie]

Sample Post 4: Thank you @[tag Member of Congress] for meeting virtually with @ACOGAction today to talk about improving #maternalmentalhealth and investing in a long-term solution to avert harmful Medicare physician payment cuts. #CLC2022

Ask 1: Co-sponsor the Into The Light for Maternal Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Act

Sample Post 1: 1 in 5 birthing people experience maternal mental health (MMH) conditions and 75% of those who screen positive for MMH go untreated. Congress: support increased screening & improved access to treatment by cosponsoring #HR7073/#S3824, the #IntotheLight Act! #CLC2022

Sample Post 2: Overdose and suicide are leading causes of pregnancy-associated death in the US, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this crisis. The #IntotheLight Act would increase screening for #maternalmentalhealth conditions and provide resources for treatment. #CLC2022

Sample Post 3: I’m an ob-gyn in [CITY, STATE]. @[Tag your Member of Congress], please support the #IntoTheLight Act which would increase screening & access to treatment for #maternalmentalhealth & #substanceusedisorder during pregnancy & postpartum. #CLC2022

Sample Post 4: Thank you @[Tag your Member of Congress] for your support of the #IntotheLight Act. Together, we can ensure that birthing people have access to #maternalmentalhealth and #substanceusedisorder screening and treatment. #CLC2022

Ask 2: Prevent Cuts to Physician Payments

Sample Post 1: Physicians are facing multiple Medicare payment decreases in 2022 and payment cliffs in the years to come. Congress: invest in a long-term solution to avert harmful payment cuts and ensure the sustainability of physician practices nationwide. #CLC2022

Sample Post 2: DYK that Medicare payments to physicians declined 20% over the past 20yrs adjusted for inflation? Now physicians face more cuts in ‘22 and payment cliffs in coming years. Congress: find a long-term fix to Medicare cuts that harm practice sustainability! #CLC2022

Sample Post 3: Thank you @[Tag Member of Congress] for pledging to investing in a solution to avert harmful Medicare payment cuts! Your commitment to a long-term fix will ensure the sustainability of physician practices and preserve access to patient care nationwide. #CLC2022