2022 International Indigenous Women’s Health Meeting (IWHM)

Still Standing⁠—Finding Our Strength in the Midst of COVID-19 and Climate Change

Day 2 Session Recordings

Video recordings are available for each session below. To request a PowerPoint presentation, please contact [email protected].

Blessing, Welcome, and Haffner Award Presentation

Climate Change and Indigenous Communities

Presenters: Nicki Douglas (Ngati Whakaue and Ngati Rangiwewehi) and Don Wilson, MD (Heiltsuk Nation)


Strategies for Success in Promoting Indigenous Youth Mental Health

Presenter: Maleah Nore (Tlingit Nation)


Clinical Management of COVID in Pregnancy

Presenter: Kendra M. Gray, DO


Returning to the Traditions of Shkagamik-Kwe (Mother Earth) in Our Path to Wellness

Presenters: Jennifer Jocko, MD (Algonquin from Pikwakanagan First Nation) and Ghislaine Goudreau (Algonquin from Pikwakanagan First Nation)


Managing Anxiety and Depression in Pregnancy: Knowledge Builds Connection & Community Trust

Presenter: Kay Matthews, LCHW


Story of the Indigenae Podcast Development & Accomplishments

Presenters: Olivia Trujillo (Diné); Sarah Stern, BA (Cherokee); and Amanda Bruegl, MD (Moderator)