2022 International Indigenous Women’s Health Meeting (IWHM)

Still Standing⁠—Finding Our Strength in the Midst of COVID-19 and Climate Change

Day 1 Session Recordings

Video recordings are available for each session below. To request a PowerPoint presentation, please contact [email protected].

Blessing and Welcome

Anti-Racism Movements in Indigenous Communities

Video 1: Shaquita Lynn Bell, MD (Cherokee)
Video 2: Leslie Bonshor (Tzeachten First Nations)


Maternal and Child Health and Opioid Use Disorder

Presenters: Chiao Wen Lan, PhD, MPH; Tam Lutz, MPH; Candice Jimenez, MPH; and Jenine Dankovchik, BSc


Care of Two-Spirit and Gender-Expansive Patients in Indian Country

Presenters: Jennie Wei, MD; Hannah Wenger, MD; and Tavi Hawn (they/them), LCSW


Indigenous Midwifery: Approaches to Advocacy

Presenter: Ojistoh Kahnawahere Horn, MD (Mohawk)


How Adversity Affects Diabetes Risk

Presenter: Ann Bullock, MD (Minnesota Chippewa Tribe)


Resiliency on the Navajo Nation in the Face of COVID

Presenter: Sophina M. Calderon, MD (Diné)