2021 Armed Forces Annual District Meeting

Service in Changing Times

All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.



Premeeting: Friday, October 8, 2021

  • 1030–1230
    Junior Fellow Advisory Council Meeting (Invitation Only)
  • 1300–1700
    Fellow Advisory Council Meeting (Invitation Only)

Premeeting: Saturday, October 9, 2021

  • 1500–1830
    Mock Orals

    Open to 15 Junior Fellows currently scheduled to sit for the ABOG Certifying Board Exam. Junior Fellows in Practice preparing for their oral board examination must preregister Mock Orals session on the registration form, and email a complete case list no later than 9 September 2021 to [email protected].

Day 1: Sunday, October 10, 2021

  • 1200–1230
    Opening Ceremony

    Join the Armed Forces District Meeting Program Chair, Dr. Shannon Lamb, as she highlights what to expect at the 2021 Annual District Meeting. Following initial remarks, Armed Forces District Chair, Dr. Barton Staat, will provide district updates.

  • 1230–1330
    Carla Hawley-Bowland Lecture: COVID-19 Disruption: Revelations about the Healthcare System, Operating Models, and Clinical Leadership

    Speaker: Raquel Bono, MD, VADM, MC, USN (Ret)

    Dr. Raquel Bono is currently the Chief Health Officer at Viking. As a senior military officer, Dr. Bono held a number of executive leadership positions at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland; Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery; U.S. Pacific Command, Hawaii; Walter Reed National Military Medical Center; and culminating in the director, Defense Health Agency and Vice Admiral, US Navy. Dr. Bono will discuss how the disruption to systems and organizations presents opportunities for unconventional and unexpected solution designs. The COVID-19 Pandemic revealed, rather than created many of the brittle, inflexible and fragile workflows of our current, conventional health design. Dr. Bono will discuss how purpose-driven and innovative solutions creation during disruption require design thinking, diverse and aligned leadership. Managing disruption with thoughtful, multi-sector partnering allow leaders and organizations to create more resilient, inclusive and equitable systems of care.

  • 1330–1430
    Paper Session 1: Urogynecology

    Speaker: Joy Wheat, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    Prevalence of Pelvic Floor Disorders in United States Active-Duty Service Women

    Speaker: Eva Welch, MD, MS, Maj, USAF, MC
    The "Ins and Outs" of Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Female Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Speaker: Eva Welch, MD, MS, Maj, USAF, MC
    Effects of Preoperative Gabapentin on Clinical Outcomes After Outpatient Mid-Urethral Sling Placement

    Speaker: Eva Welch, MD, MS, Maj, USAF, MC
    Urethral Diverticulum Marsupialization with Modified Spence-Duckett Procedure

    Speaker: Angela DiCarlo-Meacham, MD, CDR, MC, USN
    Suprapubic vs Transurethral Catheterization: Perioperative Outcomes Following Colpocleisis

    Speaker: Ashley Reid, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    Objective Assessment of Bladder Rupture Pressures in Explanted Cadaveric Bladders and Impact on Resultant Compliance

    Speaker: Joy Wheat, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    Vestibulectomy for Provoked Vulvodynia: Not Just a Last Resort

  • 1430–1445
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1445–1545
    Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) for the Obstetrician–Gynecologist

    Speaker: James Brian Szender, MD, MPH

    Dr. J. Brian Szender is a gynecologic oncologist in practice with the START Center, treating women with cancer of the reproductive system. Dr. Szender will review the existing data regarding Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) for obstetricians and gynecologic surgeons. He will share some examples of protocols that can be incorporated into existing hospital protocols. Finally, Dr. Szender will set out a framework for quality improvement on labor and delivery and provide guidelines for recommended measures physicians can measure locally.

  • 1545–1645
    Paper Session 2: Obstetrics

    Speaker: Zachary Kopelman, DO, CPT, USA
    Implementation of Enhanced Recovery after Surgery: A Cesarean Section Quality Improvement Initiative

    Speaker: Keane McCullum, MD, CPT, MC, USA
    Cesarean Delivery Risk based on Pre-pregnancy Physical Fitness: A Retrospective Study of Active Duty Soldiers

    Speaker: LT Rachel Deutsch, MD, MC, USN
    Racial and Ethnic Disparities in NTSV Cesarean Birth Rates Among Universally Insured Military Patients

    Speaker: Shara Fuller, MD, LT, MC, USN
    Disparities in Maternal Morbidity in the Military Health System

    Speaker: Patrizia Grob, MS4, 2LT, MC, USA
    Increased Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality Among Asian American and Pacific Islander Women in the Military Health System

    Speaker: Joshua Monson, DO, CPT(P), MC, USA
    Gestational Diabetes is Associated with Change in Inflammatory Gene Expression in Human Placenta

    Speaker: Kevin A. Jiles, MD, LT, MC, USN
    Maternal Post-Cesarean Necrotizing Fasciitis and Focal Necrosis of the Fetal Face

  • 1645–1700
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1700–1830
    Mentorship Mix and Mingle/Happy Hour

    Grab a beverage of your choice and join your Young Physician and Junior Fellow colleagues as we discuss imposter syndrome, engaging with ACOG, and work life balance with well-respected mentors. Pre-registration is encouraged but not required.


    • Lisa Foglia, MD, COL, MC, USA
    • Barton Staat, MD, Col, USAF, MC (Ret)
    • Jason Massengill, MD, Col, USAF, MC
    • Nanette Rollene, MD, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret)
    • Monica Lutgendorf, MD, CDR, MC, USN
    • Micah Hill, DO, Lt Col, MC, USA

Day 2: Monday, October 11, 2021

  • 1200–1300
    Robert C. Cefalo Lecture: Creating a Ready Medical Force: The Future of Gynecologic Surgery and Obstetrics in the Military Health System

    Speaker: Brian Lein, MD, MG, MC, USA (Ret)

    Dr. Brian Lein is the Defense Health Agency (DHA) Assistant Director, Healthcare Administration. Prior to joining DHA, Dr. Lein served 30 years in the U.S. Army as a physician and leader, retiring as a major general and the Chief of the Army Medical Corps. Dr. Lein will discuss the current readiness of our military medical force to support our deployed and deploying military members, the roles and responsibilities of the GSO in the preparation and deployment, common medical issues affecting the female military medical population, and identifying a way ahead to prepare for the next conflict.

  • 1300–1400
    Paper Session 3: General Obstetrics-Gynecology

    Speaker: Rebecca Wong, MD, MPH, Capt, USAF, MC
    Preventing Alloimmunization in the Trauma Setting: A Case Report and Development of Protocol

    Speaker: Patricia Winters, MS, CGC
    Assessment of Educational App Use on Patient Knowledge and Preparedness for Prenatal Counseling

    Speaker: Allison Eubanks, MD, LT, MC, USN
    Oral Methotrexate in the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy: Forced Change in Clinical Practice Due to Non-Availability of Recommended Methods

    Speaker: Allison Gutierrrez, MD, LT, MC, USN
    Laparoscopic Wedge Resection of an Interstitial Ectopic Pregnancy: A Video Case Report

    Speaker: Keane McCullum, MD, CPT, MC, USA
    Vaginal Microbiota and Factors Influencing Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in Post-Menopausal Women: A Comparative Study

  • 1400–1415
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1415–1515
    Abortion in The United States: Military Focus

    Speaker: Antoinette Marengo-Barbick, MD

    Dr. Antoinette Marengo is the Chief Medical Officer at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, home-based in San Diego, California. Dr. Marengo will provide an overview of the history of abortion in the United States and highlight how abortion restrictions impact military patients and healthcare professionals. She will update the audience on the current political landscape regarding abortion and discuss some best practices for military personnel to care for patients seeking abortion or who have complications secondary to abortion.

  • 1515–1615
    Paper Session 4: Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

    Speaker: Kiley Hunkler, MD, MSc, MSt, CPT, MC, USA
    Uptake of Cancer Genetic Testing in the Infertility Population Meeting NCCN Criteria

    Speaker: Joshua Combs, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    Immediate Start IVF Stimulation Following Polypectomy Does Not Impact Pregnancy Outcomes in Large Multicenter Cohort of Over Sixteen Hundred Embryo Transfers

    Speaker: Joshua Combs, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    Do The Numbers Add Up for Personalized Embryo Transfer? – A Cost Effectiveness Analysis Study

    Speaker: Joshua Combs, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    Do Ultrasound Characteristics Predict Miscarriage in PGT-A Tested Euploid Embryos?

    Speaker: Meghan Ozcan, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    Ubiquitin C-Terminal Hydroxylase L1, a Novel Biomarker of Ovarian Reserve

    Speaker: Lisa Cruz, MS, 2LT, USAF, MC
    Increasing Expression of a Novel Oocyte Marker Across Development

  • 1615–1630
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1630–1730
    Section Meetings

    Attend the Air Force, Army, or Navy Section meeting to receive updates from the Armed Forces District Section leadership and Specialty Consultants.

  • 1730–1830
    Accurately Projecting Yourself on Paper: CVs and Educator Portfolios

    Speaker: Jessica Servey, MD, MHPE, COL, USAF, MC (Ret)

    This session is an action-oriented look at how to project your career thoroughly for others to understand in academic medicine. Real world examples will be used to discuss how CVs and Educator Portfolios add to your career development.

  • 1730–1900
    Medical Student Course

    Speaker: William Leininger, MD, CAPT, MC, USN (Ret)

    During this session, medical students of all year levels, will review the Department of Defense obstetrics and gynecology residency programs, tips for applying and thriving in residency, and career progression in military medicine.

    Panelists include:

    • Nicholas R. Tackett, DO, Capt, USAF, MC
    • Rene MacKinnon, MD, LT, USN
    • Colleen M. Ezzell, MD, CPT, USA
  • 1730–1830
    Junior Fellow Course: Building for the Future


    • Heather Barbier, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    • Kiley Hunkler, MD, CPT, MC, USA
    • Richard Wagner, MD
    • Lindsay Chatfield, MD, CAPT, USAF, MC

    Join colleagues and District leaders for the Junior Fellow Course. This session will provide an opportunity to hear from district leadership, network with peers, create new connections and exchange ideas.


Day 3: Tuesday, October 12, 2021

  • 1200–1300
    John C. Hauth Lecture: Navigating the ASCCP Guidelines

    Speaker: Warner Huh, MD

    Warner K. Huh, MD is Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and holds the Margaret Cameron Spain Endowed Chair in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He is also Professor in the Department of Surgery and Professor in the Department of Epidemiology in the UAB School of Public Health. Dr. Huh will review the rationale and background for the 2019 ASCCP risk-based guidelines, review the process for developing for these guidelines and provide an overview of the app and web-based program for these guidelines. Dr. Huh will also provide clinical examples to demonstrate the utility of the guidelines.

  • 1300–1400
    Paper Session 5: Oncology

    Speaker: Marion Ward, MD, CPT, MC, USA
    Increasing HPV Vaccine in the Military: The Feasibility of Training Nursing Staff to Incorporate Presumptive Recommendations at Medical In-Processing Facilities

    Speaker: Collin A. Sitler, DO, CPT , MC, USA
    Survival Advantage for Chemotherapy and Radiation in Stage IVB Cervical Cancer: A Propensity Score Balanced Observational Investigation

    Speaker: Stuart Winkler, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    Proteomic Analysis of Uterine Smooth Muscle Tumors and Rare Uterine Fibroid Variants

    Speaker: Calen Kucera, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    Developing a Framework for Explaining Survival Disparities in Uterine Cancer

    Speaker: Kendal Rosalik, DO, CPT, MC, USA
    Proteomic Evaluation of the Fallopian Tube: Insight into the Pathogenesis of Serous Ovarian Cancer

  • 1400–1415
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1415–1515
    Michael K. Yancey Memorial Lecture: Critical Care in Obstetrics/Sepsis

    Speaker: Arthur "Jason" Vaught, MD

    Arthur Jason Vaught, MD is an Assistant Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics and Surgery at the Johns Hopkins University and Health Systems. He also serves as the Medical Director of Labor and Delivery at the Johns Hopkins Main Campus in East Baltimore, MD. Join Dr. Vaught as he discusses the obstetrician’s role in the diagnosis and management of sepsis and pregnancy. He will also discuss diagnosis, management, and new therapies for COVID-19 infection and disease.

  • 1515–1615
    Paper Session 6: Maternal Fetal Medicine

    Speaker: Jacqueline Battistelli, MD, MAJ, USAF, MC
    Best Practices for Prehospital Maternal Cardiac Arrest Management

    Speaker: Andrea Shields, MD, MS
    Pilot study of Simulation-based Resuscitation Curriculum for In- and Out-of-hospital Maternal Cardiac Arrest, Obstetric Life SupportTM

    Speaker: Meghan Munisteri, DO, CPT, MC, USA
    Survival from Maternal Cardiac Arrest Complicating Coronavirus Disease 2019

    Speaker: Gabrielle Brow, MS4, 2LT, USAF, MC
    Acute Respiratory Failure Requiring ECMO and Delivery in the Early Third Trimester following COVID-19

    Speaker: Emily Sheikh, MD, PhD, MAJ, MC, USA
    Characterizing the Key Mediators of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in the Human Placenta: Is Vertical Transmission Possible?

    Speaker: Nicholas R. Tackett, DO, Capt, USAF, MC
    Effect of Intrauterine CMV Inoculation on Viable Pup Counts in a Murine Model

    Speaker: Emily Sheikh, MD, PhD, MAJ, MC, USA
    Assessing THC Passage and Impact in Human Perfused Placenta Cotyledons

  • 1615–1630
    Exhibit Hall Break
  • 1630–1730
    Subspecialty Meetings
    • Maternal-Fetal Medicine – Andrew Thagard, MD, Lt Col, USAF, MC
    • Minimally Invasive Surgery – Ernest Lockrow, DO, COL, MC, USA (Ret)
    • Reproductive, Endocrinology, and Infertility (REI) – Micah Hill, DO, Lt Col, MC, USA
    • Oncology/Pathology – Yovanni Casablanca, MD, Col, USAF, MC
    • Urogynecology – Heather Barbier, MD, Maj, USAF, MC
    • General Obstetrics and Gynecology – Erin Keyser, MD, LTC, MC, USA
  • 1730–1800
    Awards Ceremony

    Join the Armed Forces District Advisory Council in recognizing the awardees for the Professor of the Year Award, the Kermit E. Krantz Award, Edward Zimmerman Award, and Robert A. Ross Award.