CREOG Postmatch Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to assist fourth year medical students with their preparation for residency. These modules will serve to review clerkship and subinternship knowledge, skills, and attitudes and will also present new material to medical students as they prepare for their upcoming role as interns. The units are designed to be multifunctional and used in any of the following ways:

  • Students upon learning of the match into an Ob-Gyn residency program can complete them independently to help prepare for the start of residency.
  • Fourth year medical school faculty engaged in transition to residency of capstone courses can assign these modules as prework (as part of a flipped classroom format) or incorporate them directly into curricular content of the fourth-year courses.
  • Residency program directors can assign modules to their incoming residency class as preparation for the intern orientation activities. 

CREOG Step Up to Residency

Amniotic Fluid Volume & Biophysical Profile

Ultrasound in Ob-Gyn: The Very Basics