AMA Steps Forward Initiative 

The AMA Steps Forward program includes data and general recommendations. Check out “5 Steps to Create a Wellness Culture” if you are looking to get started with wellness in your program.


Provides resources and references for well-being in Academic Medicine.


The ACGME is focusing on five key areas to support its ongoing commitment to physician well-being: Resources, Education, Influence, Research, and Collaboration. 

Healthcare Workforce Safety

Suicide Prevention Video 

This video from Mayo Clinic and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention explains how to help prevent suicide by being alert for the signs of depression.

SMART-R Resiliency Training Program

The Stress Management And Resiliency Training (SMART) program teaches self-care practices that help buffer daily stress, making participants less emotionally and physically vulnerable to it.

LIFE Curriculum

Publicly available, this resource provides educational videos about dealing with suicide and difficult residents. 

Fatigue Mitigation Training

Safer sleep training (provided by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, costs $40)

Schwartz Rounds

Designed to encourage compassion among caregivers, Schwartz rounds review handling complex or difficult cases with caregivers. Find out about the program including opportunities to train leaders here.

Narrative Medicine Curriculum in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Reflective practice may promote engagement in challenging work and decrease emotional exhaustion. Find a curriculum and guide here

WISER (Web-based Intervention for the Science of Enhancing Resilience) 

9-minute video explaining the background of the psychology of burnout and the description of the positive psychology intervention in the WISER research project. 

Video Series

A set of 6 brief videos and positive psychology which engage participants to briefly reflect on the science of resilience, relationships, strengths, gratitude and awe. Videos are approximately 10 minutes in length each, given once a month over 6 months, as well as three “refresher” videos. (This is a research study, information here).