All physicians should understand the importance of wellness, and what wellness is for them. An understanding of their resiliency zone and what pulls them in and out of their zone affects their functioning, family relationships, and patient safety.

Mindfulness and wellness have been added as educational objectives within CREOG, in addition to being an important needed focus for all physicians personally and professionally. The Wellness Task force within CREOG is developing a curriculum for residency programs to utilize to introduce and reinforce these issues. The tools outlined below are websites, links, and videos that programs can utilize for the introduction of these topics for use immediately. 

We would like to thank the ACOG Wellness task force under the leadership of Mark Woodland, MD and Abigail Winkel, MD for all their tremendous work in this area with respect to this compilation and tool development.


Found a great resource for physician wellness? Have thoughts to share with the Task Force? Send us an email at [email protected].