Elements of the Journal Club Module

Introductory modules include three PowerPoint presentations titled “Journal Club Curriculum Study Designs,” “Journal Club Curriculum: How to Start,” and “Journal Club Curriculum: How to Review the Literature.” They are accompanied by a document titled “User Friendly Guide to a review of the Literature”.

Once a program has provided the introduction, programs may use the "Journal Clubs in a Box." The Journal Club in a Box provides the article and questions as published for Journal Club review in the Green Journal, along with a PowerPoint review of topics by a researcher.

The PowerPoint may focus on statistical designs as appropriate, given the paper one month and Power analysis the next. The User-Friendly Guide to a review of the Literature is intended to be used monthly to stimulate discussion. These are meant to serve as an additional educational resource for Program Directors as they develop a Journal Club curriculum.

Journal Club in a Box Series

This ongoing series includes an article, list of questions, PowerPoint, and suggested areas of discussion by an epidemiologist to assist programs with running their journal clubs.