Curriculum for Teaching High Value Care in Ob-Gyn

Physicians have a responsibility to our patients and society to “do no harm,” which includes providing cost-conscious medical care. Recognizing overuse of medical care is difficult for physicians in the moment of providing clinical care, and even more difficult to teach our trainees.

Practicing ob-gyns have an important leadership role to play in practicing value-based care. Integrating education in residency training about health care value will prepare residents to make high value, cost-conscious decisions in their practices and within the health systems in which they work.

Ways to use the Cases in your Residency Program

  • On the fly while teaching around a clinical case
  • Have your residents design value improvement projects using the Culture, Oversight accountability, System support, and Training (COST) framework
  • Have your residents create a Value-Based Care case
  • Give the residents a High Value Care scenario (without the cost information) and ask them to identify the costs using the data available to them (websites, hospital/practice billing departments, etc.) 


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