The application for special accommodations for the 2024 CREOG In-Service Training Examination is now open! Requests for residents requiring reasonable accommodation due to disability are due by the end of the day on November 3, 2023. Special accommodation requests must be submitted every year that a resident plans to participate in the In-Service Training Examination. In addition to the disabilities included in the ADA, residents can also request accommodation for lactation. 

To submit a request for accommodation please fill out the application and include the following supporting documentation:

  • Documentation of the disability and the extent to which the standard testing procedures need to be modified.
  • A letter signed by a program director requesting specific accommodations for their resident (eg, additional time, separate room).
  • A report describing the applicant's condition and its severity provided from a qualified professional appropriate for evaluating the disability. The evaluation should be no more than three years old and should include:
    • A specific diagnosis
    • Specific findings in support of the diagnosis
    • A description of the individual's functional limitations due to the stated disabilities
    • Specific recommendations for test accommodations, including a detailed explanation of why the accommodations are needed
    • Name, address, telephone number, and qualifications of each expert who provided the documentation

CREOG staff will notify you of your application's status by November 20, 2023.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have questions or concerns. We are here to help!