2022 Examination Timeline

The 2022 CREOG examination may now be given over four consecutive days:

  • Wednesday, January 19
  • Thursday, January 20
  • Friday, January 21
  • Saturday, January 22

Programs who have difficulty scheduling all their residents in one day have the option of administering the examination for up to four consecutive days. Any request to deviate from this policy must be submitted in writing to CREOG for consideration.

Please note: individual residents must still complete the examination in one day.

As a reminder, the CREOG exam is a tool for residents continuing education and is not mandatory. We have residents who miss the exam every year due to non-COVID related reasons. As such, we do not have any options for residents who are out sick with COVID-19 to take the exam. If you have a resident who is worried about missing a year, please reassure them that this is an optional exam and missing one year will not make or break their career.

Please refer to the suggestions and updated guidance below to help alleviate some of the COVID-19 concerns for the CREOG In-Training Examination administration:

  • To help comply with physical distancing guidelines, spacing the residents throughout multiple rooms may be necessary and is acceptable for exam administration.
    • If multiple rooms are used, a proctor is required for each room where residents will be testing.
    • You may recruit additional proctors from within your institution to help you with test administration, such as Program Directors, Associate Program Directors, or any internal faculty.
  • Utilizing a computer center or testing center is not necessary. Any classroom or auditorium can be used for the CREOG Examination. Residents can use their own laptops to access the examination. Administering the exam in two or three groups of residents on each testing day can help alleviate space limitations.
  • Also, the examination session can start any time of the day. Please refer to the Proctor’s Manual for specific administration and tech support hours.

We also recommend that you follow up with your institutions to determine what additional guidelines may have been put in place for administering and proctoring the exam for your program such as how often the facilities need to be cleaned, etc.

Any programs who are having difficulty meeting these guidelines, please reach out to CREOG at and our staff will assist you with finding a solution.