The annual Creighton L. Edwards, MD, Award in Compassionate Care was created to honor Creighton L. Edwards, MD, FACOG, and his outstanding ability to show compassion, empathy, and respect while providing superior medical care.

The award recognizes an obstetrics and gynecology resident training in Texas. The recipient may use funding to cover travel and registration costs to attend educational conferences that will enhance surgical skills and medical knowledge.


Amount: Up to $5,000, split over two years.

Time period: Two years, starting July 1 of the award year and ending June 30 two years later.

Use of funds: Funds may be used only for clinical meeting registration fees and travel expenses (on a reimbursement basis) or a grant directly to the recipient’s institution to support departmental research or patient education. The list of preapproved organizational conferences will be supplied to the recipient annually. Any meetings or conferences not listed must receive approval from the ACOG Foundation. The recipient may submit a request letter that includes how the event will enhance the qualities and skills for compassionate care.

CREOG: The recipient must attend the CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting and the District XI Annual District Meeting at least once during the award period.

Mentoring: An introduction between the recipient and Dr. Edwards will be arranged by the ACOG senior director of philanthropy and chief of education and academic affairs. At that time, the recipient and Dr. Edwards will determine the frequency of subsequent meetings, roughly twice per year, virtually or through email.

Annual renewal: Award renewal will be dependent on submitted progress reports from the recipient’s department chair or mentor and recipient reports describing educational and clinical activities during the year.

Remaining funds: Unexpended funds at the end of the award term must be returned to the ACOG Foundation.

Transferability: Awards cannot be transferred to another recipient or institution without prior written approval from the ACOG Foundation.


Applicants must:

  • Reside and work in the state of Texas
  • Be a resident in training, either PGY-2 or PGY-3
  • Demonstrate an outstanding ability to communicate compassion, empathy, and respect for patients while providing superior medical care
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continued education, surgical skills, and medical knowledge
  • Maintain academic excellence
  • Exhibit a willingness to encourage and cultivate these valued personal and medical talents and skills in colleagues, coworkers, and students

Application Submission

The application deadline is annually in December.  

Completed applications must be received by 11:59 p.m. CT on the date specified and include the following materials:

  • Letter from the applicant expressing interest and how the award aligns with their career goals
  • Letter of recommendation from a department chair or mentor detailing how the applicant meets the listed eligibility requirements
  • Current CV

All materials must be submitted as one PDF with a file name in the format of LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL – MMDDYY. Send submissions to [email protected] with "Edwards Award Application" as the subject line.

Recipient Obligations

Required letters: Upon acceptance of the award, the recipient will provide thank-you letters to the donor's family and Dr. Edwards. This communication will be facilitated by the ACOG Development Office.

Progress reports: At the end of each year, the recipient must submit progress reports. No funding will be released or reimbursed until progress reports are submitted to [email protected].

Requested materials: The ACOG Foundation may request an interview and photo to be used for marketing materials in print, web, email, and in-person meetings. By accepting the award, the recipient is granting use of their likeness and words for use as described.

Preapproved Affiliate Events

  • District XI Annual District Meeting
  • ACOG Annual Clinical & Scientific Meeting
  • CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting
  • CREOG Education Retreat
  • CREOG Resident Workshops (must be rising PGY-3 or rising PGY-4 at the time of the workshop)
  • AAGL
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • American Urogynecologic Society
  • Society of Family Planning
  • Society of Gynecologic Oncology
  • Society of Gynecologic Surgeons
  • Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine