CREOG School for Program Directors and Program Managers

Hybrid Meeting | Jul 28, 2023- Jan 25, 2024

Session Topics

Session 1: July 28–30, 2023

Topics Covered

  • Your academic calendar
  • Competency-based educational practices
  • Establishing a longitudinal curriculum
  • Developing a skills curriculum and lab
  • Curriculum objectives versus Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) milestones
  • Assessments and evaluations, feedback, and growth mindset
  • Adult education principles and active learning techniques
  • Orientation and transition to training
  • Unwritten job of the program director and program manager
  • Mentoring and coaching

Session 2: September 8, 2023

Topics Covered

  • Demystifying the ACGME
  • Making the Accreditation Data System work for you
  • ACGME annual program review
  • Q-and-A session with ACGME leadership
  • Faculty development
  • ACGME evaluation process 101: program and faculty evaluations, Clinical Competency Committee, Program Evaluation Committee, and Annual Program Evaluation
  • GME funding and negotiating resources
  • Consultation corner with CREOG School cochairs (optional)

Session 3: January 25, 2024

Topics Covered

  • An introduction to the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG)
  • A deeper dive into the ABOG certification process
  • Q-and-A session with ABOG leadership
  • Leave policies
  • Remediation of the struggling learner
  • Resident discipline and termination: legal issues
  • Managing learner attrition
  • Consultation corner with CREOG School cochairs (optional)