CREOG School for Program Directors and Program Managers

21st Term

Various Locations |

Session I: Introduction to the ABCs of Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology Graduate Medical Education


August 26, 2020

This session reviewed the many entities that affect your training programs. From ACGME, RC, and ADS to CREOG/ACOG, ABOG and NRMP, we described the entities behind this alphabet soup and how you will need to interact with them to effectively run your programs. We also reviewed a typical annual calendar for the academic year that you will be able to personalize with your own important dates. This will help you prepare for upcoming deadlines and stay ahead of the game!



Session II: The Recruitment Process

September 16, 2020

This session reviewed the information needed to develop a cohesive plan to attract applicants, assess applications, and develop plans for the interview and selection processes. While this academic year has been hugely challenging with restrictions on travel and face-to-face contact, the basics of preparing for the recruitment season are largely the same. We will walk you through the basics and provide suggestions and resources to facilitate your recruitment efforts.



Session III: Emergency Care for the Failing Resident or Fellow

October 7, 2020

Not infrequently, new program leadership inherits a struggling resident or fellow who needs emergency work on their educational plans. This session will describe how to efficiently assess the issues in the trainee’s performance, develop and implement remediation plans, or develop adequate documentation to support decision making for termination or nonreappointment or extending training.



Session IV: Developing and Running ACGME Program and House Staff Evaluations

October 28, 2020

This session reviewed the many processes mandated by the ACGME to assess both your house staff and your program. We will review the Clinical Competency Committee, the Program Evaluation Committee, Annual Program Evaluation and the annual updates for the Accreditation Data System and all the data that must be gathered for these. This will allow you to effectively assess your trainees and programs and report them to the ACGME. The educational Plan/Do/Study/Act process can be hugely benefited by the information you review for these important processes.