Welcome to Inform to Empower: Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence One Conversation at a Time. ACOG is proud to present this COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Training and Tool Kit for obstetricians, gynecologists, and women’s healthcare clinicians!

We thank you for making the time to learn more about the importance of increasing your patients’ vaccine confidence and demand—and techniques to apply in your practice. The decision to get vaccinated will greatly reduce your patients’ chances of severe COVID-19 illness or death and having pregnancy complications from the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Training Modules

ACOG's six-part online training series will help you learn more about the importance of increasing your patients' vaccine confidence.

Access the training modules on-demand and at your own pace. The modules will cover everything from communication techniques that you can use to talk to your patients to tips for dispelling myths and misinformation. There will be quizzes to check your learning along the way, as well as a robust training tool kit that provides resources to go along with each module.

Access the Training Modules


Training Tool Kit

Access the below tools and resources to supplement your learning in each module.

Module 1: Introduction to ACOG’s COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Training

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Module 2: COVID-19 Landscape

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Module 3: Exploring Evidence-Based Strategies

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Module 4: Leading Effective Vaccine Conversations

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Module 5: Addressing COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation

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Module 6: Leading by Example

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Training References

Access the complete list of references used to develop this training.


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