Spring 2023 District Updates for Young Physicians

There are exciting programs, events, and initiatives happening in every District! Get involved and connect with colleagues in your District.

District I

District I coordinated an oral boards mentorship program. The program had 15 faculty with 25 mentees. For more information, contact Kim Kilfoyle, MD, FACOG, District I Young Physician chair.

District II

District II hosted a virtual mentoring program and held mock oral exams. All District leaders were asked to commit time to host mock exams and to recruit one other oral examiner. The District also hosted an in-person mock oral exam session at its Annual District Meeting. For more information, contact Heather Link, MD, MPH, FACOG, District II Young Physician chair.

District IV

District IV has hosted mock oral exams for the past two years. Previously, national ACOG staff and leaders organized a half day of mock oral exams, held separately from the Annual District Meeting. This year, there was a combination of case list reviews and mock exams. The District IV Interim District Advisory Council Meeting was held in Washington, D.C., where the District Young Physician Council was approved. For more information, contact Andrea Desai, MD, FACOG, District IV Young Physician chair, or Jim Casey, MD, District IV vice chair.

District VI

District VI created a mentorship program for Junior Fellows in Practice. The purpose of this program is to help with the transition from residency to practice, including career advice and guidance for board certification preparation. The District is also working on videos to educate patients on social media. For more information, contact Jessika Ralph, MD, FACOG, District VI Young Physician chair.

District VII

District VII conducted a survey to assess the needs of the District’s Young Physicians. On April 24, District VII will hold a Zoom webinar open to all obstetrician–gynecologists to discuss career transitioning for Fellows. For more information, contact Niraj Chavan, MD, FACOG, District VII Young Physician chair.

District VIII

District VIII hosted mock oral exams for District Junior Fellows in Practice. There were nine examiners and approximately 25 mentees who signed up for a mock oral exam session. An educational series either through YouTube or a recorded Zoom webinar is in the works to inform Young Physicians about contract negotiations and other relevant topics. For more information, contact Laura Sienas, MD, FACOG, District VIII Young Physician chair.

District IX

District IX is focused on improving the diversity, equity, and inclusion curriculum within the District. In conjunction with District VIII, the District IX Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is rolling out the Continuous Learning on Equity, Advocacy, and Race in health care (CLEAR) initiative throughout the month of April. All ACOG members are invited to participate. For more information, contact Nicole Economou, MD, FACOG, District IX Young Physician chair.

District X (Armed Forces District)

District X, the Armed Forces District, conducted traditional mock oral exams with 30 mentors participating in groups of two. District Young Physicians are also planning a fall mix and mingle. For more information, contact Allison Eubanks, MD, FACOG, Armed Forces District Young Physician chair.

District XII

District XII is organizing a refresher course about peripartum bleeding for Young Physicians in the District. The District XII Young Physician chair is also working on increasing the involvement of Young Physicians in the District, possibly by creating a Young Physician Council. For more information, please contact Dione Occenad, MD, FACOG, District XII Young Physician chair.