District IV Forum Spring 2019: Junior Fellow Updates

Junior Fellow Updates

Adrienne D. Zertuche, MD, MPH
Junior Fellow Chair, District IV
The District IV Junior Fellow Advisory Council is honored to serve our colleagues and has been hard at work on a number of projects on your behalf. Two exciting current initiatives involve medical student essentials and resident wellness.

Our new Medical Student representative, Aneesha Cheedalla, has created an online portal for District IV medical student ob-gyn interest group presidents and sends a bimonthly newsletter to update all District IV medical students on projects, achievements, and upcoming events. Aneesha has also crafted a welcome letter and has helped us plan an “introduction to ACOG” presentation for graduating medical students starting at District IV residency programs this July. We hope that the materials shared first by email and then in person will ease the new interns’ transition, encourage them to utilize ACOG’s innumerable resources, and inspire them to get involved with our council

To address the rise in ob-gyn burnout, our Junior Fellow Advisory Council will launch a Year of Wellness this June. This program will expand on the annual ACOG and CREOG Wellness Week and integrate wellness into each District IV resident’s experience for a full 365 days. We intend to highlight monthly pillars of wellness and facilitate a year-long competition among residency programs, with cash-prize winners selected based on #ACOGYearofWellness social media use. We also plan to utilize an IRB-approved survey to assess resident burnout and program impact.

Thank you to the District IV Fellows for supporting these programs and to our colleagues for supporting our efforts. Please contact us with any feedback!