District IV Forum Spring 2019: From the Chair

From the Chair

Wade A. Neiman, MD, FACOG
Chair, District IV

As a slightly more seasoned chair, I want to introduce you to an improved communication system. Most of you should soon be familiar with ACOG Engage. I encourage you to use this new tool to exchange information, follow planned activities, and communicate with ACOG. Eduardo Lara-Torre, our new chair of communications, will oversee the initiative. Our objectives are to reach out to more members, disseminate useful information, and engage all of us in the benefits of membership.
Our Annual District Meeting (ADM) in Savannah was highly successful, and we forged many great memories. This year we will have a combined ADM with District VII and XI. District VII will take the lead as the meeting is planned for a New Orleans venue. Christian Chisholm, MD, our program chair, has been working with his counterparts to create a compelling theme. Mark your calendars for September 27–29 and join us in the Big Easy. In 2020, we will be back in the District with a single-District meeting in Norfolk, Virginia.
I am happy to report we have reached our goal for maternal mortality committee formation and 100% AIM participation. My hope is that soon we will be able to produce a District-wide maternal mortality report and share best practices. We began a long-term planning process at our recent interim advisory council meeting. This will continue and give us a vision of what District IV can achieve. What we do should be driven by members’ needs and I encourage all of you to use our new tools to communicate your thoughts.