Lesson Overview

The below table provides an overview of our eight main lessons and some of the online resources we use to teach the different topics. 

Lesson Summary of Lesson Content Lesson Resources

Lesson 1: Safe Space and Puberty

  • Discuss and define safe space
  • Introduce puberty: physical and emotional aspects
  • Identify trusted adults to talk about puberty/sexual health issues with

"Different is Normal" video

Emotional aspects of puberty-

Emotional changes- menstrupedia

Talking to a Trusted Adult

Top Signs Boys Are In Puberty

Lesson 2: Healthy Relationships and Communication, Consent, Sexual Abuse

  • Discussion of healthy relationship definition, peer pressure role play
  • Consent definition and discussion
  • Definition of and discussion about unhealthy relationships and abuse


Peer pressure-

Healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships-

Consent Explained

Lesson 3: Sexual Feelings, Intimacy Spectrum, Gender Identity

  • Human sexuality: defining sex, gender identity & expression, sexual orientation, romantic attraction
  • Discuss acceptance and discrimination surrounding these identities
  • Review male and female external anatomy
  • Romantic attraction and forms of physical intimacy

Human sexuality is complicated video

Gender identity

Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? What's The Difference?

Genderbread Person

Gender Roles & Stereotypes

Lesson 4: Internal Anatomy, Menstrual Cycle, and Pregnancy 

  • Review internal female anatomy- use pelvic model
  • Review menstrual cycle & hygiene
  • Review pregnancy

Menstrual cycle-

Menstruation Overview

Pregnancy & Reproduction Explained

Lesson 5: Unplanned Pregnancy, Abstinence

  • Decision-making around pregnancy: motivational interviewing and goal-setting
  • Abstinence discussion
  • Discussions around decision-making that align with individual goals, autonomy in life choices

Lesson 6: Sex & Contraception

  • Types of sexual activity and risks associated with each 
  • Pregnancy prevention – broad overview of contraceptive methods including hands-on display of options

Birth control options-


Planned Parenthood Birth Control


Emergency Contraception

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

Contraceptive Effectiveness Chart

Lesson 7: Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Broad overview of different types of sexually transmitted infections
  • Review of how these are preventable
  • Review of common myths and facts about these infections

Based on medical information- CDC has a great website with extensive information on this topic

STD Prevention Beyond Condoms

Lesson 8: Sex and The Media, Body Image 

  • Discussion around definition of beauty, what famous figures are identified as beautiful and why
  • Discussion around how social media impacts our self-image
  • Discussion around how body image impacts health 
  • Discussion about Internet Safety

Reshaping body image tolerance

Body image- Planned Parenthood

Video of Photoshopping

Being Safe on the Internet