What is the ACOG/JSOG Exchange?

The ACOG /JSOG Exchange allows each ACOG District to select an ACOG 3rd or 4th year resident-in-training to attend the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (JSOG) meeting held in Japan. This is a unique opportunity to visit Japan and learn about their health care system, as well as their culture. 

As guests at the JSOG Annual Scientific Meeting, attendees can expect to take part in debates with their Japanese counterparts, learn about the Japanese residency and health care systems, and attend scientific sessions conducted in English. 


The Annual Congress of JSOG will be held May 2021

Who is eligible?

  • In 2021, even numbered Districts are eligible to send one representative for participation.
  • All third and fourth year Junior Fellow Residents of ACOG are eligible with the exception of Canadian Residents.
  • You must be a resident in the District from which selected (US Residents Only). 
  • Involvement in ACOG is preferable but not required.
  • You must have permission from Program Director for the required amount of days necessary for travel and attendance at the JSOG Annual Scientific Meeting.

Who makes the selection? 

The Fellow District IV Chair makes the selection, with input and involvement from the Junior Fellow District IV Chair.

Program Details and Expenses

  • JSOG will cover hotel rooms for 5 nights.
  • JSOG will arrange for transport to and from the airport.
  • Registration is waived.
  • Residents are invited to the President's Dinner.
  • Each resident is required to participate in the International Session—which is a poster/oral presentation.
  • 2 residents be asked to make oral presentations (with PPT) on selected topics during the International Workshop for Junior Fellows (IWJF).
  • All travel and other related expenses will be paid by ACOG.
  • All travel must be arranged by ACOG’s travel agency.
  • A written report will be expected from the District JSOG representative upon return. This should be returned to the District IV Program Manager, Michelle Morse (

Deadline to Apply

August 4, 2020

The selected participants will be notified by ACOG National in August. Applications must be received no later than August 4, 2020. Each district will select one resident and one alternate resident. The alternate will receive communication, but will only go to Japan if the selected resident becomes unavailable.    

What is needed to apply?

  • One-page CV
  • Cover letter of 300 words or less indicating why you wish to participate
  • Letter from your Program Director giving you permission to attend for the entirety of the program

Email your application materials to District IV Program Manager Michelle Morse at