The Safe Motherhood Initiative at Your Grand Rounds

As with any ongoing quality improvement initiative, we understand that it is challenging to maintain consistent progress. Staff turnover, updates in guidelines, and changing team dynamics can all pose significant obstacles, especially in health care.


Grand Rounds have traditionally been used as unique opportunities to learn from patient cases and engage in dialogue with hospital colleagues. They are an important training tool that allow clinical teams to review procedures and protocols in a nonthreatening environment conducive to professional growth.

The Safe Motherhood Initiative (SMI) Grand Rounds provide an opportunity for your institution to

  • Discuss bundle implementation strategies
  • Review specific clinical components within each of the bundles
  • Understand how teams should effectively use standardized protocols across departments

The Grand Rounds will be delivered free of charge by SMI faculty who are practicing obstetrician–gynecologists local to your institution. This ensures their familiarity with the existing clinical culture and lends credibility to the information they present.

Having the SMI present during Grand Rounds will further integrate the bundles in your hospital's practice. SMI institutions have found these presentations to be extremely valuable in implementing the Initiative, and often request that faculty return for additional Grand Rounds.

For more information or to request the SMI at your Grand Rounds, contact [email protected].