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March 2019 Young Physician Update

Are you within your first eight years of fellowship? If so, did you know that within ACOG you are considered a Young Physician and that there is a special division of leadership and involvement just for you?

The Young Physician division has a PowerPoint to help you understand all the amazing things that ACOG can provide and assist you with at this unique time in your career.

One of the biggest projects for Young Physicians nationally over the past few years has been encouraging member-to-member mentorship through the ACOG Mentorship Program. We had a combined mentorship and PAC event called Mentor Pursuit at this year’s Annual District Meeting, along with a few fun trivia questions.

Career development is another major focus for Young Physicians. Each Annual Meeting has a Career Fair where lots of recruiters are present to tell you about many opportunities across the country. Join us this year in Nashville and check it out!

Finally, we had a great time at the Annual District meeting learning about and practicing wellness on Cape Cod. We hope to see you and your family at the Samoset in Rockport, Maine, for another weekend of learning, relaxation, and beating burnout!

With warm regards,

Eilean Attwood, MD, Immediate Past ACOG District I Young Physician Representative