Withdrawn Clinical Document

If you cannot find the document you were looking for, it may have been replaced by a newer document or withdrawn from circulation. To ensure that clinical content is up to date and relevant, ACOG clinical documents are routinely reviewed every 24-36 months to determine if the content is current and accurate and is therefore reaffirmed or should be withdrawn or replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about the disposition of documents no longer in circulation:

  1. Why is an ACOG document withdrawn or replaced?

    Documents are replaced with newer documents if the clinical issues are still relevant to ob-gyn practice, but there are newer data that change the recommendations.

    A document is withdrawn from circulation if its content is inaccurate or outdated, the content is no longer relevant or urgent, or the subject is adequately addressed in other ACOG documents or by another organization.

  2. Where can current content be found?

    Current clinical guidance from ACOG can be found on

  3. Is it possible to obtain a copy of withdrawn content?

    Please contact [email protected] for inquiries related to withdrawn content.