You may already know that the United States is the only developed country in the world with a rising maternal mortality rate. But did you know that approximately 60% of maternal deaths are preventable? Racial inequities contribute to that disparity: Black patients die during and after pregnancy at a rate three times higher than white patients, and those who are American Indian and Alaska Native die at a rate two times higher than white patients. The COVID-19 pandemic has also contributed to recent maternal mortality rates, as the virus is associated with increased risk of severe complications—including death—during pregnancy.

We must continue to focus our attention and resources on saving lives across the country. Please join us.

Maternal Health Awareness Day 2022

The theme for Maternal Health Awareness Day 2022 is Adding Up to Maternal Health. Please join us in highlighting the clinical approaches, policy solutions, and partnerships that together can add up to improved maternal health across the United States. Tag #MHAD2022 to join the conversation online.

Adding Up to Maternal Health

Countless factors can work together to improve maternal health. This Maternal Health Awareness Day, ACOG will be highlighting:

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