Eliminate Preventable Maternal Mortality — Every mom. Every time.

Since the early 1990s, women across the country have been increasingly dying while pregnant, during childbirth, or within a year of the end of their pregnancy.

However, it wasn’t until the last few years that the public learned that the United States is the only country with a rising maternal mortality rate, surpassing every other developing country in the world, in addition to the significant health disparities that exist for black women.

ACOG has worked with key government agencies and leadership organizations in women’s health care for nearly a decade to solve this crisis. ACOG is bringing this critical work to the forefront to help educate the public and inspire physicians and health care professionals to join us in our effort to combat the U.S. maternal mortality crisis for…Every mom. Every time.

How ACOG Is Combating Maternal Mortality

Learn about ACOG’s four main initiatives to eliminate preventable maternal mortality, as well as ACOG’s advocacy work supporting federal and state legislation that addresses prevention and systems improvement and includes resources to improve maternal safety.

How Physicians and Health Care Professionals Can Get Involved

Physicians and health care professionals have a big role to play in eliminating preventable maternal mortality. Find out how to join ACOG in becoming a part of the solution and discover the resources available to help you improve quality at your institution.

What Patients Should Know

Help empower yourself, your friends, and your family members to speak up when something might be wrong by educating yourself about maternal mortality, the leading causes of maternal death and warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored.