Abortion is Essential Health Care

Resources for obstetrician-gynecologists and partners to connect, engage, and advocate to defend and expand access to abortion at all levels—in their practices, their communities, and their government.

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Our Position

At the state and federal levels, ACOG advocates against legislation that unduly regulates or criminalizes abortion care providers, including by:

  • Forcing physicians to give patients inaccurate or biased information
  • Requiring unnecessary procedures and tests
  • Unnecessarily overregulating facilities where abortion care is provided
  • Banning safe, medically indicated treatment options or procedures

We also advocate against burdensome government restrictions that make it harder for women to access evidence-based care, such as:

  • Requiring unnecessary waiting periods
  • Restricting insurance coverage
  • Limiting the pool of qualified providers by restricting abortion provision to physicians only

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