Drive Policy Action to Promote Health Equity in Access to Care and Health Outcomes

  • Lead efforts to secure 12 months of continuous, comprehensive coverage for postpartum women beneficiaries of Medicaid
  • Strengthen collaborations to eliminate discrimination and racial disparities in health outcomes
  • Support, protect and expand health care coverage and patient protections, including those mandated under the Affordable Care Act
  • Protect and expand access to comprehensive evidence-based obstetric and gynecologic care

Ensure the Care Obstetrician-Gynecologists Provide is Valued Equitably and Fairly 

  • Expand footprint of our regulatory and legislative influence on physician payment and oppose unfair reimbursement policies by governmental and commercial entities
  • Advocate for a “Surprise Billing” legislative fix that protects patients and does not penalize obstetrician-gynecologists
  • Address barriers to our members’ ability to practice comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology

Have a Meaningful Impact on the 2020 Elections

  • Proactively shape the public discourse on issues affecting the health of patients receiving obstetric and gynecologic services
  • Provide timely, medically accurate information in response to proposals or public rhetoric
  • Work to elect candidates to state and federal office who share ACOG’s commitment to women’s health care and the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology