Read Our 2023 Commitment to Policy Action

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Protecting Your Practice

ACOG is working to advance the well being of obstetrics and gynecology practices by improving payment rates and minimizing burdensome administrative requirements. In order to continue serving patients, physicians must be appropriately compensated for their work and should not face barriers to providing timely, medically necessary care.


Improving Maternal Health

Maternal health is an important indicator of the overall health of our nation, states, and local communities. Action to improve women’s health includes closing the outcomes disparities gap among black, Hispanic and white women; eliminating barriers to risk-appropriate care including depression and substance use disorder screening and treatment; ensuring safe obstetric access in rural areas; funding for research to inform evidence-based interventions and quality measures; and reducing maternal deaths and severe pregnancy complications.

Opposing Political Interference

Sound health policy must always be science- and evidence-based, so that physicians can provide patients with factual, compassionate, and individualized care and counseling. Politicians must never interfere in the patient-physician relationship or impose unjustified restrictions on medical practices. ACOG advocates against legislation that undermines physicians’ ability to practice medicine according to their professional judgement and medical training.


Improving Patient Coverage

ACOG has a long and strong history of supporting access to health care for all women. Ob-gyns see firsthand the devastating effect a lack of insurance or under-insurance can have on our patients, and understand how current laws affect our practices. It is ACOG’s priority to ensure women maintain the landmark patient coverage protections of the Affordable Care Act, have robust and meaningful family planning coverage and access, and that Medicaid and Medicare work for both women and their physicians.

Ensuring Health Care Access

No woman should be denied or limited access to quality health care because of where she lives, what her background is, where she was born, or where she gets her health care. Yet, there are a number of populations who face unique and unjust barriers to care, who are systematically underserved, or who are marginalized by restrictive policies.

ACOG advocates for policies that reduce access disparities, expand available services and providers for underserved populations, and reduce discriminatory or medically unjustified barriers to access.


Strengthening the Ob-Gyn Workforce

Ob-gyn shortages put women’s lives at risk. ACOG is taking a multipronged approach to ensure women have access to the essential care they need, and that our physician members are supported throughout their careers.

Other Women's Health Issues

ACOG’s legislative priorities are broad and cover a wide breadth of issues of importance to ob-gyns and our patients.