Your Voice, Your Vote

As an Ob-GynPAC Member, you can help make sure Ob-GynPAC supports candidates YOU believe will help represent our specialty and our patients in Congress and State Legislatures across the country.

Requesting support for both local and federal candidates is simple. Here you’ll find our Federal Contribution Request Form, a Federal Candidate Questionnaire (to be filled out by the campaign/candidate), and a State Contribution Request Form.

  • Federal Contribution Request Form | PDF
  • Federal Candidate Questionnaire | PDF
  • State Contribution Request Form | PDF

If you have any questions or need help getting the Candidate Questionnaire to the campaign, e-mail our Ob-GynPAC staff at  

Electing Our Own

During the 2018 midterm election cycle, our members contributed more than $635,000 to our PAC, enabling us to support over 125 state and federal candidates of both parties, including 10 medical professionals. The stakes in these elections just keep getting higher for our specialty—for both our practices and our patients.

Your contributions help elect candidates who support our work on these critical issues, as well as many others:

  • Access to women's health care
  • Protecting the patient-physician relationship
  • Physician reimbursement
  • Preventing unintended pregnancies
  • Medical liability reform
  • Women’s health care research and funding

Every dime you contribute to Ob-GynPAC goes directly to help elect worthy candidates—or to help defeat our opponents! Not a penny goes to staffing, overhead, or administrative costs. Please join us today to help defend our specialty, and make sure that we can continue to stand strong for women’s health.

Flagship Membership Packages

High-Level Giving Programs

Members of Ob-GynPAC’s two top-tier giving levels – the Kaminetzky Club and the Founder’s Circle – are sustainers of the PAC. Their recurring support at a high level signals a strong commitment to ACOG’s political advocacy and forms the bedrock of our continued fundraising success.


Junior Fellow Membership Programs

In 2019, Ob-GynPAC piloted a new series of PAC programs to encourage participation among ACOG’s Junior Fellow members. These programs are designed to make participation in Ob-GynPAC activities and benefits accessible for this group of ACOG members who bring so much enthusiasm and passion to their advocacy and political work. 


PAC Supporters