The State Legislative Roundtable is the linchpin of ACOG’s state advocacy programming. Held annually, this day-and-a-half, roundtable-style meeting convenes physician advocacy leaders and lobbyists from all 50 States and D.C.

Meeting attendees will:

ACOG Members at State Legislative Roundtable event.
  • Share advocacy successes and challenges and workshop best practices and lessons learned
  • Identify and strategize on priority issues impacting women’s health
  • Explore ways to grow and sustain obstetrics and gynecology advocacy presence in the state capitols
  • Evaluate and plan advocacy tactics including communicating with lawmakers, working with coalitions, mobilizing members, effectively engaging media, cultivating legislator champions

The interactive format—unique among medical specialty society meetings—fosters state-to-state and leader-to-mentee dialogue and facilitates evaluation and refinement of advocacy tools through:

  • Regional conversations to coordinate successful approaches across state lines
  • Strategic small-group breakouts on priority issues and capacity building
  • Plenaries on emerging issues to enhance forward-thinking leadership
  • Networking opportunities for sustained collaborative relationships
  • Guided legislative agenda-setting workshop to deliver results throughout the year

This meeting is invitation-only, open to ACOG Legislative Chairs and select National advocacy leaders. For more information, contact [email protected].