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ACOG recognizes that COVID-19 is presenting unprecedented challenges for you, your practices, and your patients. We are urging Congress to take action for obstetrician-gynecologists and their patients. Add your voice to this charge!

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Infographic: COVID-19 Response


We've been working to ensure that front line workers and their patients and practices are able to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more in our infographic.


Support Our Front Line Physicians

We know that this time presents big challenges to you as physicians and health care professionals, and we are taking policy action to equip you in protecting yourselves, your families, and your patients.

Invest in Our Health Workforce and Infrastructure

We know this crisis is imposing significant strain on our members, so supporting you in this area is a high priority.

Protect Access to Safe, Quality Care

As we protect access to care, we must mitigate existing gaps and barriers to care that this pandemic will exacerbate.

Center At-Risk and Marginalized Communities

We must ensure that resources and care are distributed in such a way as to not exacerbate existing health inequities.