Martin-Peterson Award

The Martin-Peterson Global Health Award recognizes an obstetrician–gynecologist from a low- or middle-income country with outstanding ability who is in practice anywhere in the world under the supervision of a formal hospital or university program. The purpose is to expose the recipient to ACOG and all its resources. Building bridges between ACOG and obstetrician–gynecologists throughout the world community at an early stage in their careers will likely be beneficial both to ACOG and to the award recipient over their lifetimes.

The Martin-Peterson Award will provide the winner with round-trip airfare to Washington, D.C., or the ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting; three nights’ accommodation; and per diem.

While in the United States, the winner will be invited to learn in depth about our organization and its mission for the betterment of women’s health care. Additional meetings and briefings with representatives of federal programs and agencies, congressional representatives, and partner organizations will be arranged as appropriate and specific to the winner’s specialty and interest. The winner may also be asked to brief ACOG staff on the challenges in their home health care setting and on other areas of interest.

Eligible obstetrician–gynecologists will be nominated by a program director, faculty member of a university partner, obstetrics and gynecology department, or professional association. A selection committee will be appointed by the College, in consultation with ACOG Past President James N. Martin Jr, MD, to make final selection of the winner. The following information must be submitted by the award application deadline to be considered for the award:

  • Nominee’s name, contact information, email, phone number
  • Nominee’s host hospital and university program
  • Nominee’s current CV
  • Nominee’s one-page personal statement summarizing prior experience in global and public health and expressing long-term career goals in relation to global health
  • Nominator’s letter of recommendation

The nomination deadline this year is September 30, 2020. Nomination information should be mailed to Office of Global Women’s Health, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 409 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20004, or emailed to with the subject line "Martin-Peterson Global Health Award".

The Martin-Peterson Global Health Award was created in late 2016 with a lead gift from ACOG Past President James N. Martin Jr, MD. The award honors the lifelong dedication of Herbert B. Peterson, MD, to improving the health care of all women globally; his leadership in the initiation of the ACOG Global Operations Advisory Group in 2011, which continues to this day; the respect and admiration that the world obstetrics and gynecology community holds for him as an advocate for women’s health worldwide; and the need to support activities to enhance the role and recognition of ACOG as the foremost advocate for women’s health in this country and abroad.

ACOG contact:

International Service Award

This award recognizes an ACOG Fellow who is in good standing and who has demonstrated service to a vulnerable or at-risk population in an international setting. ACOG past presidents, current ACOG executive board members, and those who have previously received any award for their service at the ACOG Annual Meeting are ineligible to be nominated. The award is not to be given as a recognition of activities related to service to ACOG or activities that are based on support of the specialty in legislative or regulatory decisions. 

The recipient will receive a $1,000 award and complimentary registration to the ACOG Annual Meeting. They shall be presented with a certificate at the Annual Meeting during the luncheon portion of the University Partners Program.

Each District is kindly requested to submit its letter of nomination (no more than 750 words) and the CV of its nominee to the ACOG Office of Global Women’s Health at no later than November 30.  For more information or for further questions concerning this award, please contact the Office of Global Women’s Health at

Services to be Recognized:

  • Delivery of high quality care in a challenging or remote international setting
  • Meaningful participation or leadership of in-country training, delivery of care, or policy work
  • Spearheading collaboration, partnership, or relationship building within the international health care field that led to implementing an intervention or educational opportunity that helps advance the issue of maternal or reproductive health care worldwide
  • Commitment to designing health care interventions or efforts that consider sustainability and long-term impact
  • Service as an advocate for gender equality, women's and children’s health, and global health rights