Basic Function

The Fellow-at-Large serves as a member of the ACOG Board of Directors of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. As an ACOG Board of Directors member, this position is responsible for ACOG’s general management and governance and for highlighting the interests and concerns of the members at large.

Consistent with ACOG's Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence, we are dedicated to having a Board and organizational culture that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, anti-racist and founded in justice for our membership and the people they serve. The Fellow-at-Large will be asked to assist in supporting this commitment.

Primary Responsibilities

The Fellow-at-Large has fiduciary duties to ACOG including the duty of care and the duty of loyalty. All ACOG Board of Directors responsibilities must be carried out in good faith, with reasonable care, honesty, and due diligence in a manner that is in the best interest of ACOG, not to any constituent group.

The Fellow-at-Large must be well informed and report to the ACOG Board of Directors information from the members. The Fellow-at-Large prepares and reviews documents, agendas, reports or other materials for the business of ACOG. The Fellow-at-Large must be available to participate and vote on issues between meetings that require approval. The Fellow-at-Large may be asked to serve as a Board liaison to one or more committees. 

The Fellow-at-Large attends the following regularly scheduled meetings:

  • ACOG Board of Directors Meetings
  • ACOG Board of Directors Retreat
  • ACOG Board of Directors Orientation
  • Grievance Process Ratifications
  • Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting
  • Annual Business Meeting
  • Annual District Meeting (of their district)
  • Interim District Meeting (of their district)
  • Presidential Task Forces (if appointed, and meeting is at time of an ACOG Board of Directors meeting)


To be eligible for a Fellow-at-Large position a candidate must be a Fellow for more than 8 years as of the deadline for submission of nomination materials for the office. The Fellow-at-Large must be board-naïve. Fellows seeking this position must not have served in any capacity on the ACOG Board of Directors previously.

Election and Term of Office

Two Fellows-at-Large will be elected according to the bylaws and policies and procedures established by the ACOG Board of Directors. They will have two-year terms and are not eligible for re-election. Their terms of office will be staggered.


An honorarium is provided to a Fellow-at-Large for the duties performed and meetings attended. The honorarium may be adjusted depending on circumstances determined by ACOG policies and procedures. The Compensation Committee determines the honorarium level annually.