Junior Fellow District Election Process

District Vice Chair

Three-year term (beginning as Vice Chair, progressing to Chair, then to Immediate Past Chair).

Candidates must submit a one-page Word document beginning with a letter of intent followed by your curriculum vitae to [email protected]. The letter should include:

  • The office you are seeking
  • The District you reside in
  • A statement that demonstrates how you would help your respective District's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Please also include a signed copy of the Policy on Public Statements by ACOG Officers and Those Seeking Nomination for Office in your email submission.

Candidate Qualifications

  • Required to be a Junior Fellow of the District and to remain in the District during your Vice Chair and Chair year*
    • *In order to qualify as District Junior Fellow Vice Chair, one must plan to remain in their respective District for the first two years. Funding for in-person meetings for past chairs who have left the District will be at the discretion of the District, however, participation in meetings remotely is still expected.
    • Please note, applicants with a prior history of service to ACOG at a section, district, or national level as an officer, committee member, task force member, or have attended or participated in an ACOG Junior Fellow or Fellow District Advisory Council in some compacity will be given priority
  • Required to attend the following meetings:
    • Junior Fellow District Officer Orientation and Junior Fellow College Advisory Council Interim Meeting (January)
    • Junior Fellow College Advisory Council Annual Meeting (April or May)
    • Your respective Annual District Meeting (Fall)

District Secretary-Treasurer

One-year term*

*One-year term with option to serve one additional one-year term for a maximum of 2 terms. In order to be eligible to serve a second term, the candidate must re-apply and be deemed eligible by the Junior Fellow District Nominating Committee.

Candidates must send one Word document including a letter of intent and summary of CV electronically in a Word format to ACOG.


Required to be a Junior Fellow member of the District.

Nomination and Election Timeline

Timeline Process


Junior Fellow Nominating Committee formed. Nominating Committee is comprised of: 1) Junior Fellow District Past Chair*, 2) Junior Fellow District Chair, 3) Junior Fellow District Vice Chair, 4) District Junior Fellow Advisor (auditing member).

*Junior Fellow District Past Chair will serve as Chair of the Committee


Junior Fellow Nominating Committee solicits Junior Fellow District nominations from Junior Fellows (via email, Rounds, the Junior Fellow webpage, social media, and other means that may be deemed appropriate).


The deadline for submission of nominations is June 1. No candidates will be permitted to campaign for office.

ACOG Junior Fellow Services sends candidate information to the Junior Fellow District Nominating Committee no later than June 7.

The Junior Fellow Nominating Committee reviews candidates' information and the committee develops a slate of at least one but no more than three (3) eligible candidates for each position to be filled. The Chair of the Junior Fellow Nominating Committee submits the slate of nominees form to ACOG Junior Fellow Services no later than June 30.


ACOG Junior Fellow Services will send the candidates an email indicating:

  • The Nominating Committee selected their name to be included on the ballot
  • Balloting will begin by August 1
  • Balloting will conclude on August 15


ACOG Junior Fellow Services will notify all Junior Fellows (August 1) via ROUNDS, Junior Fellow Website, and Junior Fellow Engage and social media platforms that voting has begun, CV summaries are available, and all voting will conclude on August 15.

The deadline for casting votes is August 15.

Notification of election results is sent to the Junior Fellow Nominating Committees and Junior Fellow officer candidates (winners and nonwinners) no later than August 17. Results will be posted on the Junior Fellows web page.

Fall District Meetings

Election results presented to Fellow and Junior Fellow District Advisory Councils; new officers are installed.


Junior Fellow Section Election Process

Each section shall elect a Section Vice Chair Elect. Each Section Chair shall appoint a section nominating committee consisting of the Chair, at least one other Junior Fellow from the section and the Junior Fellow District Advisor (ex officio). The Section Chair shall appoint the section nominating committee in June or July.

  1. This nominating committee shall propose a candidate or candidates for the office of Section Vice Chair Elect.
  2. Each Section Vice Chair Elect shall be elected by the members of the section. The newly elected officer shall assume office at the end of the national Annual Meeting following his/her election.
  3. Each Section Vice Chair Elect’s term begins at the conclusion of the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting and the commitment shall be two consecutive years, one as Vice Chair and one as Chair.

Section Vice Chair Elect

Candidates must submit one Word document that includes a letter of intent stating the office you are seeking followed by your Curriculum Vitae to [email protected].


Two-year term progressing from Section Vice Chair to Section Chair


Required to be a Junior Fellow member of the Section and to remain in the Section during your Vice Chair and Chair year. Also required to attend a total of 3-4 meetings per year (National, District and Section).

Nomination and Election Timeline

Timeline Process


Sections are identified if interested in having Junior Fellow Services manage Section elections.


Nominating Committee roster are created and finalized.


Solicit Section Vice Chair Elect nominations.

Deadline for submission of nominations is September 27. No candidates will be permitted to campaign for office.


Slates due.

On-line ballots are created.


Elections begin November 1.

Deadline to cast votes is November 15.

Election results will be announced November 16.


Newly elected officers attend the Section Officer Leadership Development (SOLD) meeting held in February/March in Washington, DC, before the Vice Chair term begins. The Vice Chair elect term will begin at the conclusion of the Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting April/May.