Elected officers will take office at the conclusion of their 2022 Annual District Meeting or District Advisory Council meeting.

Junior Fellow District Officers-Elect

District I

Vice Chair: Alex Rosenthal, MD, ScM
Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Martinez, MD

District II

Vice Chair: Tejasvi Gowda, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Sisira Srisutiva, MD

District III

Vice Chair: Christine Gerber, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Alexis Damish-Kemp, DO

District IV

Vice Chair: Mary Shorey, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Maya Or, MD

District V

Vice Chair: Aakriti Shrestha-Schumann, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Salina Zhang, MD

District VI

Vice Chair: Sivani Aluru, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Megha Patel, DO

District VII

Vice Chair: Francisco Ruiloba Portilla, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Lucy Smith, DO

District VIII

Vice Chair: Olivia Manayan, MD, MPH
Secretary/Treasurer: Gabriella Smith, MD

District IX

Vice Chair: Tali Pomerantz, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Petra Voigt, MD

Armed Forces District

Vice Chair: Holly Berkley, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathryn Edmonds, MD

District XI

Vice Chair: Kayla Street, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Rose Ann Huynh, MD, MS

District XII

Vice Chair: Kiera Parrish, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Natasha Rich, MD, MA