Elected officers will take office at the conclusion of their 2023 Annual District Meeting or District Advisory Council meeting.

Junior Fellow District Officers-Elect

District I

Vice Chair: Sarah Martinez, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Leigh Kowalski, MD

District II

Vice Chair: Erin Miller, MD, MPH
Secretary/Treasurer: Sisira Srisutiva, MD

District III

Vice Chair: Courtney Pfeuti, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Alexis Damish-Kemp, DO

District IV

Vice Chair: Katee Wyant, MD (Current)
Secretary/Treasurer: Faridat Folarin-Amode, MD

District V

Vice Chair: Jenci Hawthorne, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Naomi Goldstein, MD

District VI

Vice Chair: Shanice Robinson, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Oriana Krivenko, MD

District VII

Vice Chair: Lucy Smith, DO, MSGH
Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Combs, MD

District VIII

Vice Chair: Danielle Dukes, DO
Secretary/Treasurer: Mingma Sherpa, MD, MS

District IX

Vice Chair: Farsam Fraz, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Samantha Wagner, MD, MPH

Armed Forces District

Vice Chair: Rene MacKinnon, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: Kathleen Lundeberg, DO

District XI

Vice Chair: Rose Ann Huynh, MD, MS
Secretary/Treasurer: Nicholas Stansbury, MD

District XII

Vice Chair: Randdie-Joyce Rameau, DO, MS
Secretary/Treasurer: Heather Russo, DO, MS