The Presidential Focus of Verda J. Hicks, MD, FACOG

Leadership Every Day is a campaign that aims to show obstetric and gynecologic health care professionals that they can practice and demonstrate leadership at every and any stage of their life and career and equip them with the tools and skills they need to lead from where they are.

About the Presidential Focus

Dr. Hicks is passionate about equipping physicians to be leaders within their communities. As the authorities on obstetric and gynecologic health and their patients’ trusted partners in health care decisions, obstetrician–gynecologists are perfectly positioned to serve as leaders for those around them—but often they are not trained to serve as effective leaders. Through the Leadership Every Day initiative, ACOG will gather and share leadership resources that will allow obstetrician–gynecologists to lead any place, any time.

Below are programs, resources, and materials gathered as part of ACOG’s Leadership Every Day initiative and Dr. Hicks’ presidential tenure. Additional resources will be added as they are developed throughout the year.

Frontline Voices

Frontline Voices is ACOG’s forum to help share and uplift members’ experiences and build community within obstetrics and gynecology professions. The relaunch of Frontline Voices as Frontline Voices: Leadership Every Day centers on elevating stories of leadership from ACOG members who are experiencing successes and struggles both during their leadership and career journeys.

Submit your own essay or other piece of creative writing to ACOG Frontline Voices: Leadership Every Day.


Programs and Resources