The Presidential Initiative of Iffath Abbasi Hoskins, MD, FACOG

Minding Mental Health is an education and awareness campaign aimed at improving the mental health of patients in the peripartum period and in later life.

About the Initiative 

Dr. Hoskins has acted on her commitment by being a bold, trusted public face in support of normalizing how we talk about mental health conditions. While joining notable hosts, including BabyCenter, Postpartum Support International, and Postpartum Support International’s Mind the Gap Coalition, for well-regarded events featuring clinical experts and patient advocates, she has discussed why she has made mental health for patients and clinicians a priority during her year as ACOG president.

Below are programs, resources, and materials developed as part of ACOG’s Minding Mental Health initiative and Dr. Hoskins’s presidential tenure. Additional clinical and practice management resources will be added as they are developed throughout the year.

Frontline Voices

Frontline Voices is ACOG’s forum to help share and uplift members’ experiences and build community within obstetrics and gynecology professions. The relaunch of Frontline Voices as Frontline Voices: Minding Mental Health centers on raising awareness about mental health and reducing the stigma that surrounds it for both physicians and patients alike.

In her own contribution to ACOG Frontline Voices, Dr. Hoskins writes: “It is essential to teach our patients that feeling anxious or depressed is normal—and that we are receptive to hearing about and helping them address their emotional experiences.” Submit your own essay or other piece of creative writing to ACOG Frontline Voices: Minding Mental Health.


Programs and Resources