Over the last few years, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has reckoned with the racial inequities present in our field, including the history of racism in the founding of obstetric and gynecologic practice, persistent social drivers of health creating barriers to care, and increasing racial disparities in maternal health outcomes. Across these topics and more, it became clear to us that in order to envision an equitable, respectful, and supportive care delivery model for all patients seeking obstetric and gynecologic care, we needed to directly address racism in medicine.

Beginning in 2020, ACOG joined with a number of organizations in the obstetric and gynecologic health ecosystem to form a collective to address racism in our field. In August 2020, this collective released Joint Statement: Collective Action Addressing Racism to take responsibility and action. Since then, we have taken steps, both individually and collectively, to address racism in medicine.

ACOG is fully committed to the work of the Collective Action against Racism and has worked in 2022 to translate the joint statement into a five-year strategy for ACOG to mobilize against and track outcomes. We look forward to continuing to partner with the other members of the Collective Action against Racism and critical stakeholders more broadly to drive important change. This document lays out our approach to the work and strategy for transforming the culture of obstetric and gynecologic medicine and addressing racial disparities in health outcomes.

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DEI Curriculum

The Collective Action is launching its DEI curriculum. Be sure to join us at one of our learning events this year. You can find our sessions at events such as the Annual Clinical & Scientific Meeting (ACSM), the CREOG Education Retreat, Annual District Meetings, and more!

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