As a leader in obstetrics and gynecology, ACOG continues to work toward meaningful change by striving to change the culture of medicine and eliminate inequities in the delivery of health care and health care outcomes. We are committed to combating racism and oppression in all forms. We understand that to truly achieve these changes it is essential that the culture of our organization, membership, leadership, and fellowship be diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just.


Meet Our Team

Jennifer Villavicencio, MD, MPP, FACOG, serves as ACOG’s lead for equity transformation and practices as an abortion caregiver and obstetrician–gynecologist hospitalist. She is a first-generation Cuban American who was born and raised in Miami, Florida, and is the daughter of an immigrant and a nurse. Dr. Villavicencio is an expert in obstetrics and gynecology, complex family planning, health policy, and strategic communication of socially complex subjects. She is dedicated to reproductive justice-informed health policy, structural equity, and anti-racism within organizations, institutions, and systems. Read more about Dr. Villavicencio.