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Re: SB5, Special Session August 1, 2017  The Missouri Section Advisory Council (SAC) of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is disappointed with the recent decision of the state legislature and the governor to impose legislative and political interference into the practice of medicine. ACOG fully supports the rights of women, girls, and families to access all legal healthcare options, including abortion, and to make decisions privately about that healthcare in the context of the patient-physician relationship. As the Supreme Court of the United States found last...

DECEMBER 12, 2017    PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION This course will present a preview of the key coding changes for 2018 impacting an OB/Gyn practice. Key Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) initiatives for 2018 will be reviewed along with the background information necessary to understand the rationale and goals of these initiatives. The course will also review proposed alternative payment models and the trends impacting future reimbursement by all payers for physician services. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the presentation, the participants should be able to:  ...

November 16 — 18, 2017

  Master tools and strategies to promote communication and teamwork that can lead to improved quality of care and patient safety: Importance of standardization Methods to change organizational culture Peer review protections Impact of human factors Clinical performance improvement tools Simulations and drills to improve patient safety Only 80 slots available—register now to reserve your seat. COURSE DESCRIPTION Does your health care facility foster a culture of quality and safety for patients and providers alike? Is there an emphasis on teamwork and co...

     OCTOBER 10, 2017 PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION As technology advances and a greater number of procedures can be performed in the office setting, the need to accurately and appropriately code and bill for these services becomes more and more important. However, there are number of challenges associated with this process—both in accurately associating diagnosis codes to the procedures and clearly reporting the services to third party payers. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the presentation, the participants should be able to:  List procedures commonly performed...

October 6 — 8, 2017

COURSE DESCRIPTION: ACOG's Committee on Health Economics and Coding and ACOG's Executive Board believe physicians must educate themselves and their staff about appropriate coding and billing practices. Get the resources you need for successfully billing with the new ICD-10-CM data set.  Diagnostic coding principles and guidelines will be illustrated with the current HIPAA standard code sets; ICD-10-CM and CPT. This workshop will consist of up to three days. This format enables physicians to choose the topic or topics of interest to them.  Agenda format •Day I — E/M Ser...

October 2017

October 4 — 6, 2017

This rare disorder affects an estimated 2-8% of women of reproductive age. While PMDD is a relatively new diagnosis, there is a long history of women suffering from this condition. Symptoms are similar to those with bipolar disorder which results in a high rate of misdiagnosis and mistreatment.

Join us for the 2017 Districts VI, VII, and XI Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas!

Join us for the 2017 Districts VI, VII, and XI Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas!

Number Number 182, September 2017

(Replaces Practice Bulletin Number 103, April 2009)

Members Only

Number Number 720, September 2017

(Replaces Committee Opinion Number 550, January 2013)

ABSTRACT: Myelomeningocele, a severe form of spina bifida, occurs in approximately 1 in 3,000 live births in the United States. The extent of disability is generally related to the level of the myelomeningocele defect, with a higher upper level of lesion generally corresponding to greater deficits. Open maternal–fetal surgery for myelomeningocele repair is a major procedure for the woman and her affected fetus. Although there is demonstrated potential for fetal and pediatric benefit, there are significant maternal implications and complications that may occur acutely, postoperatively, for the...

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