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During this exciting time in her life…give her information she can trust

Written in concise and engaging language, ACOG Patient Educational Materials cover a variety of procedures, conditions, diagnoses, and treatments. Share these materials with your patients to promote understanding and support healthy decision making during pregnancy.

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Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month

Give your pregnant patients inā€depth information on topics that matter to them most. With chapters on breastfeeding, nutrition, genetic testing and more, your patients will find the answers in Your Pregnancy and Childbirth, Month to Month, Revised Sixth Edition.

Features include:

  • Practical, straightforward advice about diet, exercise, prenatal visits and tests, and handling the discomforts of pregnancy
  • Updated guidance on breastfeeding, based on ACOG guidelines
  • New exercises for women (with illustrations)
  • More resources at the end of each chapter for patients seeking additional information about specific topics

Important questions deserve trusted answers. In between office visits, help her make healthy decisions during pregnancy.