Sexual Health: Resource Overview

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has identified the following resources that may be helpful for ob-gyns, other health care providers and patients on topics related to sexual health. 

These materials are for information purposes only and are not meant to be comprehensive. Referral to these resources does not imply ACOG's endorsement of the organization, the organization’s website, or the content of the resource. The resources may change without notice.

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Resources for Ob-Gyns and Women’s Health Care Providers
Resources for Women and Patients
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Resources for Ob-Gyns and Women’s Health Care Providers

Committee Opinion: Expedited Partner Therapy

Expedited Partner Therapy,” issued by ACOG in June 2018, recommends the use of expedited partner therapy in the management of gonorrhea and chlamydial infections when the partner is unlikely or unable to get in-person evaluation and treatment.

Committee Opinion: Sexual Health

Sexual Health,” issued by ACOG in July 2017, seeks to increase awareness of the importance of addressing sexual health in routine clinical practice, provide resources for obstetrician-gynecologists to address sexual health issues across a lifespan, and encourage a solid foundation for the discussion of women’s sexual health issues in communities. 

Committee Opinion: Improving Awareness of and Screening for Health Risks Among Sex Workers

"Improving Awareness of and Screening for Health Risks Among Sex Workers," issued by ACOG in July 2017, addresses screening and the risk of sexually transmitted infections among women who engage in sex work.

Practice Bulletin: Female Sexual Dysfunction

This Practice Bulletin, issued by ACOG in July 2019, provides an overview of sexual desire disorders, sexual arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder, and sexual pain disorders. It also provides recommendations for evaluation and management.

Committee Opinion: Adolescent Pregnancy, Contraception, and Sexual Activity

This Committee Opinion, issued by ACOG in May 2017, discusses sexuality education and contraceptive options for adolescents, including long-acting reversible contraception, condom use, birth control pills, and other methods.

Practice Bulletin: Gynecologic Care for Women and Adolescents With Human Immunodeficiency Virus

This Practice Bulletin, issued by ACOG in October 2016, discusses health screening, family planning, prepregnancy care, and managing common gynecologic problems in women and adolescents infected with HIV.

Resources for Women and Patients

Patient FAQ: Your Sexual Health

This FAQ, issued by ACOG in November 2015, answers questions pertaining to sexual problems in women, such as arousal problems and sexual pain disorder, and explains what to expect when seeing a health care provider for treatment of sexual problems.

North American Menopause Society

The NAMS online module covers the topics of midlife changes related to menopause and aging, common sexual problems at midlife, and treatment options.

External Resources

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists

AASECT is a professional association for sex educators, counselors, and sex therapists. The site allows users to locate members by state.

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals

ARHP’s Sex and Sexuality section contains information on sexuality, including continuing medical education, publications, patient resources, and information on related topics.

Guttmacher Institute

The Guttmacher Institute provides an overview of sex and HIV education in the U.S. and up-to-date information on related state laws and policies.

International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health

ISSWSH aims to facilitate communication among scholars, researchers, and practitioners about women's sexual function and experience; support high ethical standards in clinical practice; and provide the public with accurate information about women's sexual health.

National Coalition for Sexual Health

The National Coalition for Sexual Health aims to improve sexual health and well-being by encouraging productive conversations and promoting high quality sexual health information and services. The provider guide can help providers better integrate sexual health conversations and preventive services into routine visits with adolescents and adults.

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States

SIECUS advocates for the right of all people to accurate, comprehensive sexuality education, and the full spectrum of sexual and reproductive health services. It provides electronic resources to educators, advocates, parents, researchers, and physicians.

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about sexuality. The website includes information on publications, meetings, patient brochures, and other resources.

Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed.

WISE is a national initiative that supports schools in implementing quality sex education. The WISE Method is a flexible, research-based approach that helps schools identify, select and implement a curriculum of their choosing.

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