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      AUGUST 8, 2017 PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION This webcast will address the nuances of CPT and ICD-CM coding for ultrasound services in the office and the hospital settings. It will also look at the CPT guidance for reporting diagnostic testing services and the implications this has for coding and reimbursement for specific clinical circumstances. The recent challenges posed by third-party payers in reimbursement for ultrasound services will also be discussed.   OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the presentation, the participants should be able to:  Summari...

      JUNE 13, 2017 PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION Laparoscopic procedures are one of the most effective surgical resources in the gynecologist’s tool kit and in-office hysteroscopic procedures are becoming increasingly popular for both physicians and patients. Therefore, it’s critical that physicians and their billing staff understand the key principles of billing for these services.   OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the presentation, the participants should be able to:  List all of the major laparoscopic and hysteroscopic procedures performed by Ob/gy...

     OCTOBER 10, 2017 PRESENTATION DESCRIPTION As technology advances and a greater number of procedures can be performed in the office setting, the need to accurately and appropriately code and bill for these services becomes more and more important. However, there are number of challenges associated with this process—both in accurately associating diagnosis codes to the procedures and clearly reporting the services to third party payers. OBJECTIVES Upon completion of the presentation, the participants should be able to:  List procedures commonly performed...

October 12 — 14, 2018

ACOG's Committee on Health Economics and Coding and ACOG's Executive Board believe physicians must educate themselves and their staff about appropriate coding and billing practices. Get the resources you need to successfully transition to the new payment models under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) as well as help to continue improving your diagnostic and procedural coding skills.

October 11 — 13, 2018

Does your health care facility foster a culture of quality and safety for patients and providers alike? Is there an emphasis on teamwork and collaboration? This 3-day course in Nashville, TN will provide practical tools and techniques to enable health care leaders and others to make necessary improvements within their respective institutions. 

February 22 — 24, 2019

OBGYN medical coding course.

March 29 — 31, 2019

OBGYN medical coding course.

September 20 — 22, 2019

OBGYN medical coding course.

April 5 — 7, 2019

OBGYN medical coding course.

June 21 — 23, 2019

OBGYN medical coding course.


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