ACOG's Continuing Medical Education Mission Statement


The ACOG Continuing Medical Education program supports the mission of the College to advance women’s health through life-long education of its members.



1)    To facilitate improvement in women’s health care outcomes with a diverse, evidence-based and comprehensive selection of educational opportunities as defined in Educational Objectives: Core Curriculum in Obstetrics and Gynecology.


2)    To support life-long learning through a continuing medical education program developed and directed to address clinical practice gaps and other learning needs identified nationally, locally or individually.


3)   To provide a variety of educational activities such as:

a)   Live meetings

b)   Journal-based

c)   Enduring materials

d)   Performance improvement


4)   To jointly provide educational activities, consistent with the ACCME Essential Areas and Elements, with ACOG Districts and Sections and with other organizations whose main purpose is the improvement of health care for women.


5)   The expected results of the CME program is that learners will be able to: 1) gain and apply knowledge about important women’s health issues 2) use the tools and skills provided during the CME activity to make a meaningful, positive impact in the health of women and 3) make a commitment to change behavior or practice as a result of participating in the CME activity.


Updated: June 2016 


Vanita Murray, MDE
Senior Director
Cont Prof Dev


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