CMECases for Ob-gyns

An innovative online CME program developed in conjunction with CaseNetwork to help you sharpen your patient management skills in areas that interest you.

When creating an account, make sure to use the same email address that you use for ACOG Membership.


CMECases solves real world problems, advances team-based communication and care, and highlights the latest breakthroughs in medical research to help physicians maintain their competence and improving the quality of patient care in an efficient and enjoyable format.

This program consists of a series of simulated patient encounters that include

  • Case-based education (realistic patient scenarios)
  • Decision oriented learning (improves retention and application of new knowledge to your clinical practice)
  • Evidence-based medicine (up-to-date evidence supported by ACOG’s Practice Guidelines and Committee Opinions)
  • Media-rich content (that will challenge and engage you)
  • “Virtual Experts” (provide contextualized learning, guidance, and mentoring)
  • Immediate CME certificates (upon successfully completing the cases)

There are seven (7) CME packets from which to choose

  • Group 1: Master of Ob-Gyn Case Series (48 cases)
  • Group 2: Gynecology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 3: Obstetrics (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 4: Gynecology/Urogynecology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 5: Obstetrics/Maternal Fetal Medicine (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 6: Oncology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)
  • Group 7: Reproductive Endocrinology (5 cases = up to 7.5 CME credits)


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