2020 Annual Meeting Call for Proposals

The Committee on Scientific Program and the American Congress of Obstetricians have reopened its open call for session proposals for the 2020 ACOG Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, April 24-27. 

To ensure that ACOG’s 2020 Annual Meeting captures the most current and groundbreaking topics, the Committee has decided to extend is open call for session proposals. The extension of this year's open call provides you with a great opportunity to contribute to dynamic, cutting-edge conversations and help the 2020 conference cover the field's emerging innovative ideas and key critical issues.

The Committee on Scientific Program will review these proposals for the 2020 Annual Meeting at their upcoming July meeting.

If presented a course at the 2019 Annual Meeting, you DO NOT need to resubmit a proposal. All course evaluations are reviewed after the annual meeting and the committee will determine whether the course will be repeated for the 2019 Annual Meeting.


Deadline: Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Contact us at abstracts@acog.org with any questions.

Session Types

Clinical Seminars
These 45-minute sessions are interactive lectures on topics of special interest with a course director leading the discussion. 

These 45-minute sessions are comprised of three 15-minute segments. Each speaker presents a concise lecture about a topic that is relevant to Ob-Gyn health care professionals. After each 10-minute lecture, a question/answer period follows to address questions from the audience. 

Lunch Conversations
Subjects of special interest will be the focus of these small group discussions. Each group is limited to nine attendees in addition to the discussion leader. 

Trifecta Clinical Seminars
Three clinical seminars in one room. Similar topic, three presentations with the opportunity to listen to one and watch all three. 

Postgraduate Courses
Clinically oriented three- and six-hour courses taught by leading experts in the field. Because learner participation is a valued part of each course, opportunities for interaction between participants and faculty are built into the program. 

Hands-On Courses
These three- and six-hour courses provide a didactic and interactive (hands-on) component so participants can further immerse themselves in learning. 

Surgical Tutorials

These tutorials will incorporate the use of slides, video, case-based formats, and interactive demonstrations.
Contact us at abstract@acog.org with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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