Junior Fellows, Can You Stump a Professor in 2019?

There is no better way to get involved in the 2019 ACOG Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting than to, well, get involved! Now is the time for residents to submit a real-life case  to the organizers of the 2019 Annual Meeting that will stump a panel of four notable professors. The deadline is Thursday, November 29, at 12:00 PM EDT. 

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held May 3 – 6 in Nashville, TN Registration opens in December.

Four cases will be selected. Winners will receive great perks: 

  • Complementary registration to the 2019 Annual Meeting
  • Three-night stay in a hotel: part of ACOG room block 
  • $300 for expenses
  • Coach roundtrip airfare



Last year, 60 cases were submitted, so the odds are in your favor! Questions can be directed to abstracts@acog.org. 

The cases will be featured in the annual Gerald and Barbara Holzman Stump the Professors session. In this session, four highly respected professors hear cases from four Junior Fellows-in-training (residents) about the most difficult cases they have faced. The professors work together, ask questions, and (hopefully) come up with a diagnosis.


If the professors choose the correct diagnosis, they get a point. If the Junior Fellows stump the professors, they get the point. This fun and lively session is a hit with participants and attendees at the meeting. The crowd cheers and groans along as the professors think their way through each case.

Richard S. Hansell, MD, the 2018 moderator said "We all sit and squirm safely in our chairs at Stump the Professors. We listen as these impossible cases are presented while safe in the anonymity of the audience and try as hard as we can to figure them out. I always sit with amazement and thrill when the professors pull out an answer that is correct. It's a terrifically fun session where we all learn. Enjoy Stump the Professors 2019!" Why wait … Submit Your Case Now !

2018 Cases and Presenters

There Will Be Blood … and More

Ilanna Dinesman, MS, MD, The University of Texas Health San Antonio, TX

A Peculiar Case of Peritonitis in Pregnancy

Allison Pihelgas, MD, University of Alberta, Canada

Acute Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy

Katherine Chang, MD, MPH, McGaw Northwestern Memorial Hospital, IL

Help! Her hCG is Positive!

Alyssa Herrmann, MD, The Cleveland Clinic, OH




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