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SP170 Consumo de tabaco Cuando una mujer fuma cigarrillos durante el embarazo, el feto se expone a muchas sustancias químicas perjudiciales. La nicotina es solo una entre 4,000 sustancias químicas tóxicas que se pueden transferir de una mujer embarazada al feto. La nicotina hace que los vasos sanguíneos se estrechen, por lo tanto, llegan menos oxígeno y nutrientes al feto. La nicotina El tabaco, el alcohol, las drogas y el embarazo The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists WOMEN’S HEALTH CARE PHYSICIANS PATIENT EDUCATI N El Embarazo • SP170 también es perjudic...

Number Number 721, October 2017

(Replaces Committee Opinion 471, October 2010)

ABSTRACT: Smoking is the one of the most important modifiable causes of poor pregnancy outcomes in the United States, and is associated with maternal, fetal, and infant morbidity and mortality. The physical and psychologic addiction to cigarettes is powerful; however, the compassionate intervention of the obstetrician–gynecologist can be the critical element in prenatal smoking cessation. An office-based protocol that systematically identifies pregnant women who smoke and offers treatment or referral has been proved to increase quit rates. A short counseling session with pregnancy-specific ed...

September 2017

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Number FAQ170, August 2017

Why is smoking dangerous during pregnancy? When a woman smokes cigarettes during pregnancy, her fetus is exposed to many harmful chemicals. Nicotine is only one of 4,000 toxic chemicals that can pass from a pregnant woman to her fetus. Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, so less oxygen and fewer nutrients reach the fetus. Nicotine also damages a fetus’s brain and lungs. This damage is permanent.

Number AP170, July 2017

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SP065 Los peligros de fumar Fumar es una de las principales causas de muerte en las mujeres. El cáncer de pulmón provoca la muerte de más mujeres que cualquier otro tipo de cáncer, incluido el cáncer del seno y el cáncer ovárico. Otro problema médico asociado con el hábito de fumar, la enfermedad del corazón, es actualmente la causa principal de muerte de las mujeres en Estados Unidos. Las mujeres que fuman mueren antes que las demás. En promedio, las mujeres fumadoras mueren 12 años antes que las que no fuman. Cada aspiración de humo de cigarrillo expone el cuerpo a más de 7,...

Number FAQ065, June 2014

What are the dangers of smoking? Smoking is a leading cause of death in women. Lung cancer causes more deaths in women than any other type of cancer, including breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Another smoking-related disease, heart disease, is currently the number one killer of women in the United States. Death occurs earlier in women who smoke. On average, female smokers die 12 years earlier than female nonsmokers.

Number AP065, May 2014

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This list of Smoking Prevention and Control resources, prepared by the College Resource Center librarians from other sources, is provided for information only.  Referral to these sites does not imply the endorsement of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of either the organization or their contents, expressed views, programs, or political activities.

Washington, DC -- Teeth cleanings and dental X-rays are safe for pregnant women, according to new recommendations issued by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College). Ob-gyns are now being advised to perform routine oral health assessments at the first prenatal visit and encourage their patients to see a dentist during pregnancy.

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