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November 2016

Information on carrier screening and on specific conditions that are frequently screened for pre-pregnancy or prenatally. 

Information on prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic testing for aneuploidies and genetic conditions, including how to counsel patients. 

September 2016

District and section awards purpose, criteria and guidelines. 

September 2016

Honorary Fellowship celebrates distinguished peers outside of ACOG who make a difference in women’s health on a global scale.  

Each year ACOG has several prestigious programs that allow its members to further their advocacy and leadership skills. 

September 2016

ACOG offers a research award in the area of women’s health policy and also posts information on available awards outside our organization.

Information on identifying and managing specific genetic conditions in women as well as gathering and reviewing family history.

August 2016

Information on the purpose of newborn screening, the conditions included in screening, and the obstetrician-gynecologist’s role. 

March 2016

Find helpful sites, interesting articles, and archived webinars

Information on umbilical cord blood banking, pharmacogenetics, and general genetics resources.

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